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If you are building a New Home, adding an addition or remodeling your home and you live in a Coastal County, please contact us prior to commencement of construction.


Please call us 24 hours in advance to schedule your inspection(s): Roof, Windows, Doors or Siding. You can use our contact page to send a message.


We can complete your foundation design for a New Home or Metal Building; whether it be Conventional, Post-Tension or Pier & Beam. Contact us today.

ATTENTION: TDI adopts 2018 IRC/IBC building codeS AS OF APRIL 1, 2020
The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has adopted stronger construction standards for homes and buildings on the coast. Any new building or repairs started after April 1 must follow the new codes to be insured by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Anyone starting a construction project before April 1 can build to current codes. The newer building codes use standards that specifically help structures better withstand high winds. The new codes, published by the International Code Council, will be more consistent with local building standards. This makes it easier for builders to use the latest materials and newer technologies such as solar panels and still comply with windstorm building codes. Another benefit is that more federal assistance is available after a disaster in areas that have adopted the newer building codes.
jayne p
jayne p
May 23, 2019
Barbara took the time to walk me through the website and answer ALL of my questions. Super knowledgable and excellent customer service!
Brittany Longoria
Brittany Longoria
October 12, 2018
Great and honest company. Always shows up to my jobs when I set them up to. Erica, Ludy and Craig are awesome.
lucky kilmer
lucky kilmer
March 21, 2017
I have used Coastal Building Inspections for several years now. They have always helped me through the process of getting new roofs installed and are very helpful.
Mike Allbee
Mike Allbee
November 4, 2016
Amazing customer service! Coastal Building Inspections does many types of inspections, but, unfortunately, they don't do the type of inspection I need. Within about 30 seconds, Barbara was able to determine that I would need to hire another company, but she didn't brush me off. Barbara spent at least 10 minutes helping me find relevant contact information and answering multiple questions. I will definitely hire Coastal Building Inspections if I need their services in the future.